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WBW is a bearing brand owned and run by Amol Bearing, a bearing group made up of two manufacturing factories and one international trading company. The WBW brand bearings covers 30 main bearing categories, over 3000 different bearings. Bearings are from over 50 carefully selected bearing factories in China. We have set high standard for quality as well as price competitiveness. We keep most of the fast running items in stock and it is ideal for bearing distributors and users world wide for quick, peace in mind one stop shopping.

At present, we have distributors in 10 countries worldwide. We authorize only one sole agent in one country. All sorts of marketing supports are available for our dealers worldwide.



Superior and Stable Quality

Tolerance Range: Abec-1, Abec-3, Abec-5

Noise Range: Z1-Z4 (dgbb), Z1-Z3 (trb) or V, V1, V2, V3, V4,  with100% sorting service available

Bearing life: accelerated bearing life testing service available

Bearing Material: material and metallurgical verification testing service available



Wide Coverage of Bearings

WBW Bearing covers over 3000 different models under 30 different categories ....... Find more details about our bearing in "PRODUCT" menu above.

WBW Rollers covers over 400 different non-standard conveyor rollers and ungrounded / semi precision rolling bearings ..... Find more details in our Amol Machinery Homepage.





WBW brand bearings are competitive. Our competitiveness comes from our massive quantity production and our long term cooperation with our supplier group. We have support from our member factories.









Quick Availability & Fast Delivery

WBW bearing has most of the bearings ready in stock, ready to go within 2 weeks. Longest lead time for any regular model is 45 days. Stock list is available for our branch office / agent in each country any time ...



Team Work

WBW team is always backing you up for your business 24/7. Our team work support covers marketing assistance (for our distributors), technical consultancy and service, document work support, free sample support, bearing testing and verification support, non-standard bearing R&D support, ... everything leads to the success of our brand, we always try our best to give.



24/7 Service

email: info@amolbearing.com

Our sales team can be reached by








A growing brand 

WBW's growth is squarely based on our ever improving technology in bearing manufacturing and our ever improving efficiency based on highly automated production facility. Our production facilities are now gradually upgraded to an intelligent production line with self learning capability and self loop control. We are determined to be one of the leading smart bearing manufacturing factory in the near future.


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